Episode 101: The Epidemic That Is Driving The Pandemic and what you can do about it.


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Clearly most of us are to some degree pre-occupied with the lastest news related to covid-19. The Stats, locally, regionally, globally and the limits of our own confinements as we come to terms with own confinement for the next month and figure out how to make it work…. peacefully...stop the fighting kids. The variety of media has become our staple for this information especially around what the forecast are how concerned we should be.
I don’t know the facts any better than the next person and I have my concerns as to how accurate they are. I do know however that seasonal flus are generally experienced worst by those with hyper-insulinemia meaning insulin resistant. This generally also means those who are very overweight, obese, and morbidly obese. Just in this last week, articles have be have been coming out in major newspapers on both sides of the Atlantic, New York Times, WSJ, Sky news in the UK. This ‘new’ (rather buried) perspective anticipates that the worst is to come as Covid-19 settles into the heartland of the US where the obesity rates are nearly 50%.
New, more specific and insightful, references are being made to the 1918 flu pandemic and the fact that there were actually 3 waves of the ‘Spanish Flu’ (the old, then the young, then the middle aged) similar to now… but so far we have just experience the elderly be most effected. According to the stats from the NYC chaos there is nearly no distinction between age groups. It’s no longer just the elderly but IT IS still more people with ‘co-morbidities’ that are tightly associated with obesity and insulin resistance.
To receive that information and not interpret it as some sort of societal prejudiced against heavy people, it’s
1) important to know what insulin resistance is, and
2) what you can do to put that odds in your favor of not falling victim to this version of the flu, Covid-19.
It’s not rocket science, and nor is it too late to make changes the would immediately benefit you.

Links to articles referenced:

Corona Virus and The Elephant in the Room Sky News 3-22

Obesity increases risk for coronavirus complications: report. 3-26

Americans Are Already Too Diseased to Go Back to Work Right Now. Nyt 3-30

The huge burden of obesity and other chronic conditions among people in the U.S. puts most of us at direct risk.

Report on 196 patients critically ill with COVID-19

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