Episode 116: Using Keto To Change Your Genome?


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What your genome is and how to use it without being controlled by it.
Today anything is possible, we are told. All you need is the correct information and you can change anything.
In the world of one’s genome, getting hold of your very personal and very specific data of your entire chromosome is starting to sound almost ordinary.
For many, that assumption leads them to having their data interpreted by any one of a number of companies that will show you your genetic vulnerabilities and what you should do about them (hint: buy their supplements tailor made for you and your specific genome).
If it were only that easy!
We are not there yet, In my experience, but there are some extraordinary things our genome can help us with.
Did you ever wonder how being fat adapted in ketosis might affect that? We are just beginning to find out.
Article reference:
the Rapid Metabolic Benefits of a Carbohydrate-Restricted Diet
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