Episode 117: Using Keto To Change Your Genome Part II Application


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Yes, it can certainly be a ‘rabbit hole’ of what appears to be minutia of information. Yet if you don’t get stuck interpreting every SNP (single nuclear polymorphism) and stand back just a little to see a bigger picture some of this information can be not only useful but some you can actually act on.
Before you delve into attempting to analyze your own personal collection of SNPs just know that our ancestors didn’t know a thing about this and lived healthy, long lives.

Today however our diet is far from natural, and the air and water is far from clean, consequently it has put more of us in vulnerable situations than our ancestors ever imagined possible or even cared to think about.
Let's talk about the ‘HOW’ this information can be used to benefit you.
Genetic control of methylation can affect your health
The Rapid Metabolic Benefits of a Carbohydrate-Restricted Diet

What Is the COMT Gene? And How Does It Affect Your Health? 1-2020
Are your genes responsible for your unhappiness? (Part 2): The COMT gene.

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