Episode 89: Treating Obesity as an Addiction with a Ketogenic diet


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A key sign of an addict is the craving for their addictive substance or need for a "fix".

A food fix, like any drug fix, is an attempt to experience the dopamine high needed by any addict.

Food addiction, more specifically, Processed Food Addiction is no different than other addictions in the sense of they are looking for a dopamine high. Come listen to how it has been established that being overweight, or obese or even heavier, is not about calories or burning off calories but helping the brain of an ‘addict’ to restore itself. The Ketogenic diet helps generate some of the necessary neurotransmitters to ‘quiet’ those screams of cravings that all substance abuse people feel. Being over weight, not even jusi obese, but that as well, is merely a side effects of a substance abuse to a ‘drug’ called carbohydrate.

I think you will see controlling your weight is in essence...All in your head...so should be addressed as such.
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