Episode 91: Cognitive Impairment up close - Things you can do now!!


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Another front page story from a national newspaper...The Boston Globe...Provides a first hand story of a mother and wife told from the perspective of her husband and high school sweet heart. I share this story for the same reason as the last story I did. That one from the New York Times. There is much you can do to support. To increase the likelihood of improvement in a person. Please see this as a hand to help ’Step Up’ and not sit passively by to watch your loved ones wither away. This is very much for you personally as well. Time to be proactive and preventative and not passively sitting back waiting for the next new medication to help you. Maybe that will happen but in the meantime, get involved proactively and learn what you can. START HERE and continue. Always ask questions, be assertive, make alliances, and research...and think for yourself. It’s really on you.Links:How could my wife have Alzheimer’s? She was only 56 1-7-20229https://www.bostonglobe.com/2020/01/07/magazine/my-wife-couldnt-have-alzheimers-she-was-only-56/?p1=Article_Recirc_Most_Popular

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