Episode 98: Are You High or Happy, Your dominant neurotransmitters will determine that...And Low Carb may change that...for the better.


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This is the primary distinction between having a brain driven by the need for more dopamine or one that is functioning happily on serotonin.

These two very different neurotransmitters predispose your brain to developing specific behavioral styles. One leads to progressive brain damage driven by the always immediate need for more...Dopamine...in others words an addictive personality, and addict. The other is about the contentment of long term goals that require deferred gratification and joy of relationships. Clearly just that difference will create entirely different day to day strategies, very different life stories for how you live your life and what is considered important to you. To go even one based on joy and happiness, the other preoccupied by having to obtain the substance or engage in the activity that will make have some ‘euphoria’ on demand.

Also discussed is why latinos are predisposed to obesity and diabetes...Their context, genome and survival strategy are at the base of it. So far two gene explain this: PMPLA3 and SLC16A11
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