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Today on Total Media Network's Dr. Christopher Hall Show, Dr. Christopher Hall and The Total Tutor Neil Haley will interview Faruq Tauheed of NBC's ROOTS LESS TRAVELED. BC and Litton Entertainment today announced that the all-new series “Roots Less Traveled” will join the three-hour Saturday morning programming block “The More You Know” on April 4. Each episode of “Roots Less Traveled” follows a new pair of multigenerational family members​ who bond on a joint quest to learn more about their family history. In partnership with Ancestry®, the series will feature relatives as they set out on an adventure to solve mysteries in their family tree, guided by host Faruq Tauheed. From rumors of ancestors aboard the Titanic to stories of homesteaders forging a new path for future generations, duos will discover the truth behind the tales that have been passed down for generations and reveal the inspiring lives of their ancestors. They will learn how their past has shaped their present and, with a deepened family bond, help them envision their futures together. “On this journey, I've learned the significance of knowing the truth about your family history — how it can satisfy unanswered questions, give you amazing stories to share and even provide purpose in one's own life. I'm honored to be the host, a guide really, for “Roots Less Traveled,” helping family members to join together as we discover the people and stories that led to who they are today,” Tauheed said.

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