Jimmy Dennis Tells His Story


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Jimmy Dennis Tells His Story Today on The Stephon Devereux Celebrity Segment, Stephon and Neil Haley will interview Jimmy Dennis. "HATE THE SKIN I'M IN" - A Powerful New Song About Race And Hate In America By JIMMY DENNIS Who Spent 25 years Innocent on Death Row (Philadelphia, Aug 28, 2020) If you wrote it as a movie plot, they’d say it was too incredible to believe. But sit down with Jimmy Dennis, the incredibly talented singer / songwriter who is releasing his third single - an important commentary on race and injustice in America today from someone who has lived it,and almost didn’t live through it - and you will hear a back story that no other artist in American history can top. Not only is Jimmy Dennis the first artist ever to spend half a lifetime locked away for something he didn’t do, but his release from Pennsylvania’s Death Row in 2017 set important precedents and is still shaking up the justice system and having impact on other cases nationwide. Now, months after Rolling Stone told his story and featured his previous song U SAID in a feature article and a short documentary, the compelling song released today will have national impact. “HATE THE SKIN I’M IN” is a painful reminder that even on this side of the bars there are life and death injustices. Dennis chose to release the song on Aug 28th - the anniversary of Martin Luther King's I Have A Dream speech and the day of the 2020 march on Washington.

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