7 Steps To Improve Your Gut Health with Katherine Maslen | Ep. 90


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Did you know that in naturopathy, the gut is the center of all health? Rebecca is joined by Katherine Maslen, a naturopath and nutritionist who shares her 7 steps to gut health.


  • Why the gut is the centre of all health?
  • What happens when a person is ready to make the shift in their health?
  • What are the 7 steps to improving gut health?
  • What are the risks if we just treat the gut in isolation, particularly if we're doing it on our own?
  • What foods do we need to improve our gut health?
  • What damages the gut microbiome?
  • Why water is so important to overall health?
  • The role stress plays in helping or hindering our return to health.
  • Why emotional health is often a missing element in a healthcare plan?
  • What environmental toxins we should consider when we're trying to bring our bodies back to health?
  • The importance of body structure and alignment in health.


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