Methane SIBO with Dr Allison Siebecker | Ep. 84


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Dr Allison Siebecker returns for the second part in a 2-part series to talk about methane dominant SIBO, what it is, why it’s different from other types of SIBO, how you need to treat it and the symptoms that are commonly associated with it. If you have not already listened to part-one of this interview series, you can listen to Dr Siebecker talk about hydrogen SIBO here.

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  • What is methane SIBO?
  • What are the common symptoms and how do they differ to other types of SIBO?
  • What happens when you have abnormal methane SIBO symptoms?
  • How you treat methane SIBO: antibiotics, herbal antimicrobials and the Elemental Diet?
  • What dosages are the most effective?
  • Why has methane SIBO been renamed to Intestinal Methanogen Overgrowth (IMO)?
  • What specific SIBO diet plan should you follow if you have methane SIBO?
  • What’s the outlook for a person with methane SIBO?


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