SIBO and Fertility with Lisa Hendrickson-Jack | Ep. 88


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In today’s episode, Fertility Awareness Educator Lisa Hendrickson-Jack is joined by Rebecca to discuss SIBO and fertility --- what are the vital signs and is it safe to get pregnant when you have SIBO.


  • What are the vital signs of fertility?
  • Why is charting female cycles important?
  • What do you look for when you start charting?
  • What are some of the things that you look at when you aren't charting?
  • How do you determine if your body is in the fertile window?
  • When should we learn fertility awareness?
  • How do you observe cervical mucus in your menstrual cycle?
  • How do you identify ovulation?
  • What are the different factors that can contribute to the amount of cervical mucus?
  • Aside from the cervical mucus, what other things that a female has to you look for?
  • Is it safe to have a baby when you have SIBO?
  • How can we tell if a woman's body is even ready for pregnancy when she's dealing with a condition like SIBO?
  • What does a healthy menstrual cycle look like?
  • Are there any things we should definitely be eating or we should definitely be avoiding when it comes to helping prepare the body for pregnancy?
  • What can we be doing to have healthy lifestyle choices to support our bodies getting ready for pregnancy?
  • What are the effects of taking hormonal birth control?


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