Does Justice Even Exist Anymore? (Ep 1180)


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In this episode, I address the disturbing connections between the players in the outrageous Roger Stone prosecution and the Spygate scandal. I also address the real Biden scandal that will blow the doors of off the former Obama administration. Finally, I discuss a shock video exposing who Bernie Sanders really is.

News Picks:Bernie Sanders will destroy the Democrat Party, and the country along with it.

Incredible. A juror in the Roger Stone trial ran for office - as a Democrat!

Poll finds that Republicans want Romney thrown out of the GOP.

Five times Obama intervened with the Department of Justice.

Devin Nunes has a prediction about what’s coming regarding the Mueller witch-hunt.

The Biden/Ukraine scandal is about more than just influence peddling.

This 2017 article is a damning indictment about the Clinton’s role in this suspicious Russian project.

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