#168 - Guy Picciotto (Rites of Spring, Fugazi)


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Today, we welcome a legend. Guy Picciotto from Rites of Spring and Fugazi. You may also know him from Happy Go Licky or One Last Wish. Insert another obscure band to tweet at me later.

In my years of doing this podcast, I never expected to have such legends of the genre. I’m glad I waited because Guy speaks about his feelings about the word emo and how it’s changed over the years. Really eye opening and wasn’t expecting him to expound on that as much as he did. Definitely stick around for that.

Rites of Spring were only around for a couple years but still are mentioned when referring to this genre. As the word morphs and changes, Rites of Spring are the big bang of emo worth mentioning to this day.

Guy was so eloquent and thoughtful in his responses and since we did the interview at my day job, Atlantic Records. We start the podcast discussing Fugazi’s experience back in the day when they were being courted by Atlantic.

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