41: Hereditary: Naked Witchcraft Parties


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Welcome to Everything Trying to Kill You, the comedy podcast that talks about horror movies! For episode, join Mary Kay, Mary, and their lovely friend of the podcast, Rachel Estridge as they discuss Ari Astor’s debut feature film Hereditary.

They answer questions like these: What could be the most horrific event to happen at a high school party—BESIDES a familial beheading? Is this movie scary? Are The Witch and Hereditary the same brand of horror? Is this film as much family drama as it is horror? What does the storytelling technique of the grief counseling group do for the plot? Was it effective? Would this movie work without an actor the caliber of Toni Colette? (Especially THAT monologue?) Is part of the horror the tricks of the mind? Is it all really happening? What about when Peter hears the clucks? What does this movie bring into question about mental illness and free will? How much of any of what happens here is anyone’s choice? What did the miniatures do for the exposition? Did Charlie hold Paimon? Where does it all begin? What’s the deal with hereditary legacy, like royalty? Did this movie remind you A LOT of Rosemary’s Baby? Can we talk about how amazing Alex Wolff’s performance is, too? What about the scene in which Steve catches on fire? Did you expect for there to be a body when Steve goes into the attic? What a great man! He never entertains abandoning Annie or his family. What all things does he do that are above-and-beyond? Is the scariest part of this movie the repeated phone calls to Annie about her projects? Or is it the dinner scene? What IS the scariest moment in this film? Did you notice the similarities between Annie and her mother? Do we need to even say anything about grave desecration, or is that scary enough in itself? Why does the bird fly into the window? Why does Peter bang his head on the desk? Does his lack of choice make the outcome more or less tragic? What is the nature of these miniatures? Why are the lights already on any time they enter the house? Who would you cast in this movie as members of The Office?

Hereditary (2018) – Directed by Ari Astor, starring Toni Collette, Alex Wolff, Ann Dowd, Milly Shapiro and Gabriel Byrne.

Genre: Horror, Supernatural, Thriller, Suspense, Witchcraft, Grief, Mental Illness

Where to watch: Amazon Prime

Summary: When her mentally ill mother passes away, a woman named Annie (Toni Collette) and her husband (Gabriel Byrne), son (Alex Wolff) and daughter (Milly Shapiro) all mourn her loss. The family turn to different means to handle their grief, including Annie and her daughter both flirting with the supernatural. They each begin to have disturbing, otherworldly experiences linked to the sinister secrets and emotional trauma that have been passed through the generations of their family.


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