49: Single White Female: Let’s Go Shopping


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Welcome to Everything Trying to Kill You, the comedy podcast that talks about horror movies! In episode 50 about Barbet Schroeder’s film, Single White Female, "Let's Go Shopping," your hosts Mary Kay and Mary welcome on their editor and lovely guest, Anna Drezen, and they answer important questions like these:

If you could steal the life of any human being that you know personally, whose would you steal? Should we be laughing at this? Is identity theft a joke? Can you really have it all? What is the theme song of Anna and Mary Kay’s sitcom of their life together? Is it just a shopping montage? Is this movie scary? Why is it pathetic that Allie is looking for a roommate? What does Allie do for a living? What does her software do exactly? Is it the same software that Cher in Clueless used to pick out her outfits in the morning before school? Why is Allie so infatuated with Sam? Why is the woman in every heterosexual relationship always more attractive than man? Do adults drink orange juice that way? Why does Hedy drink diet soda? Did everyone in the 90s wear nightgowns? Was New York ever this white? Did you like the stiletto heel as a weapon? What would your useless software do? What exactly is "software?" WHO IS OUR NEW PERMANENT HOST!?

Single White Female (1992)– Directed by Barbet Schroeder. Written by John Lutz and Don Roos. Performances by Bridget Fonda, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Steven Weber

Genre: Horror, Thriller, Suspense, home invasion, doppelganger

Where to watch: Netflix

Summary: When a 'Single White Female' places an ad in the press for a similar woman to rent a room (to replace the boyfriend she's just left), all the applicants seem weird. Then along comes a level headed woman who seems to be just right. The new lodger has a secret past which haunts her. Written by Rob Hartill


Anna Drezen and Andrew Farmer’s podcast, Scary Stories to Tell on the Pod

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