OB124: My Final Masterpiece


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Episode 124 Show Notes

Topic of the show: AG and RH discuss why we refer to the aircraft on approach as “my final”. Why are we so possessive of this area of airspace and why do we celebrate when we do it well?

Mentioned in the opening: Race City Flight Operations at 14A Airport (Lake Norman Airport). Stop by on May 16th for some food trucks, airplanes, and a reminder of “normal”. Also, check out opposingbases.com/shop to get the first official OB merchandise sold in the Opposing Bases store! Sale ends on Friday and if you order now, you can take advantage of free shipping!

Timely Feedback:

  1. Supreme Galactic Aviation Commander PATRON Papa Lima is being forced to listen to us in normal speed!
  2. PATRON Echo Golf sent audio about the question from Joe the Airbus Guy.
  3. PATRON Hotel Mike Bravo is preparing for a new role as a pilot at his company.
  4. PATRON Juliet Echo Charlie sent another awesome audio clip about the recent wave of military aircraft fly overs in honor of first responders and front-line workers.
  5. PATRON Tango Hotel got yelled at because ATC was looking for him!
  6. Hotel Sierra has a scenic route on a VFR flight.
  7. PATRON Bravo Sierra talks about what he will do when he comes out of the cave.


  1. PATRON Romeo November passed his instrument written.
  2. Papa Bravo sent in a question about TRIAD ATIS.
  3. PATRON Alpha Whiskey asked about frequency coverage.

Question of the Week/Month The TRIAD area is beginning to open back up. What do you think IF a BQ1 Fly-In was rescheduled for July 25th? That’s a full 10 weeks from now. Would you feel ok attending an outdoor gathering that soon?

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