Five Minute Friday #53 - Top 8 List of Landlord Responsibilities


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Landlords have many responsibilities when it comes to renting their investment properties, working with their tenants, and keeping the property well maintained. On this episode of Five Minute Friday, Bob Preston provides his Top List of 8 Critical Landlord Responsibilities.
1. Comply with Anti-Discrimination Laws
2. Preparing the Lease or Rental Agreement
3. Make Legally Required Disclosures
4. Know the Rules Regarding Security Deposits
5. Follow Other Specific Aspects of Landlord/Tenant Law
6. Provide for Habitable Housing Conditions
7. Respect a Tenant's Right to Privacy
8. Don't Retaliate Against a Tenant Who Exercises a Legal Right
That is Bob's top list of responsibilities, make sure and have a listen! There are many other important aspects not covered, so if you have any questions or would like to discuss further details, don’t hesitate to reach out to Bob or contact us at North County Property Group.
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