346 - Mini pedals, The Ratsbane, and is NAMM done?


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Brian and Blake are back and once again joined by Wampler’s own Richard Oliver in this weeks episode.

MXR has released what may be the first artists signature mini pedal. The Eric Gales Rawdawg overdrive started an interesting conversation about the surge of mini pedals and peoples strong opinions about them.

Covid 19 is finally showing promising signs of slowing down and things are opening back up. This includes NAMM as the 2021 Summer event is returning as well as next year’s Winter NAMM. But the discussion looks at the idea that NAMM’s usefulness has diminished. Is it time for a retool or does the NAMM show just need to go away?

Wampler just released the Ratsbane overdrive. It is a pedal based around the classic Rat circuit, but it is not just a Rat clone. It has some depth and the guys talk about the latest addition to the company’s lineup.

Meteors, flat earth, and podcasting musings. It’s all in this week’s Chasing Tone Podcast.

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