Episode 371: Parul Sehgal


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Parul Sehgal is a book critic for The New York Times.

“I write about books, I review books, but in a sense, to do my job at a newspaper also puts that pressure on a piece to say: why should you read or care about this? You’re trying to tweeze out what is newsworthy, what is interesting, what is vital about this book….My job is I think to be honest with the reader and to keep surfacing new ways for me and for other people to think about books. New vocabularies of pleasure and disgust.”

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  1. parulsehgal.com
  2. @parul_sehgal
  3. Sehgal's archive at the New York Times
  4. [17:11] “Mothers of Invention: A Group of Authors Finds New Narrative Possibilities in Parenthood” (Bookforum • 2015)
  5. [17:20] “In Letters to the World, a New Wave of Memoirs Draws on the Intimate” (New York Times • 2019)
  6. [17:33] “#MeToo Is All Too Real. But to Better Understand it, Turn to Fiction.” (New York Times • 2019)
  7. [24:18] Longform Podcast #354: Jia Tolentino
  8. [41:39] “Peter Luger Used to Sizzle. Now It Sputters.” (New York Times • 2019)

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