Burnout to Breakthrough: Building Resilience to Refuel, Recharge and Reclaim What Matters


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In this episode of the HR Leaders Podcast we are joined by my guest Eileen McDargh, Chief Energy Officer at The Resilience Group.

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Episode highlights

[01:58] - What was the inspiration behind your new book?

[03:23] - Chris and Eileen's thoughts on burnout

[05:41] - Why Eileen refers to resilience as "energy management"

[07:14] - What are some of the things that drain our energy?

[09:13] - How the physical body can help us recharge

[10:57] - Managing our energy by controlling the controllable

[13:06] - Eileen's tip for keeping track of our time

[14:28] - The good and bad technology can have on burnout

[17:40] - What can we do to help our people avoid burning out?

[23:17] - How the pandemic has brought us closer

[28:22] - Resiliency is a muscle we can build

[30;47] - Chris shares his personal purpose

[33:31] - "If your not clear on your why, you do a lot that doesn't feed you"

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