47. Micromobility and The Future of Transportation: A Conversation with Horace Dediu


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Here at Harvard Business School, we are mourning the recent passing of Professor Clayton Christensen. As many listeners will know, Clay died in late January following complications from leukemia. Our hearts go out to all who knew and were touched by him, and we feel that now, more than ever, we must press on, sharing his life’s work. Therefore, we are heartened to bring you this conversation with one of Clay’s brightest students: Horace Dediu. Horace is an analyst who studied disruption with Clay at The Christensen Institute. He's now leading a new revolution in how we transport ourselves: the micromobility revolution. He's the Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer at BOND Mobility, he co-founded a community-building and content-generating organization called Micromobility Industries, and he's an Analyst at Asymco. In his work, he draws on the theories of Disruption and Jobs To Be Done to target new and low-end markets. In fact, Horace contends that fully half of all driven miles in the United States will be substituted with micromobility-enabled options in the future! He is hosted in this fascinating and timely conversation by Katie Zandbergen, the Community Manager at The Forum for Growth & Innovation.

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