BONUS: The 6 Stages of a Wildly Successful LAUNCH!


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Discover the six stages that have been proven to create a successful event launch. Learn how important it is to have a short window of opportunity for your customers, how to create a ‘pre-pre-launch’ as well as ensuring your customers have all the key information they need to purchase before that highly anticipated launch date.

  • When selling your product or service it is important to have a closing window. The problem with keeping it open is anyone knows they can get it any time and therefore there is no rush. If you have a short opening window for selling your product it is likely that you will sell more items in a shorter time frame.
  • Having a “pre pre-launch” simply sows the seed and gets the idea into consumers’ mind. You may even ask your consumers for ideas for your new product to create interest.
  • The pre-launch stage is where you are actually building up to the launch, you start from awareness, intrigue to desire and then to hunger. Then, when you open with a very limited window of opportunity hopefully the floodgates will open and sales will flow.
  • Giving key information to your customers on the pre-launch is vital as things such as the logistics, the time limit and the details etc are important things to communicate with potential customers as the more they feel and the less they think on the day of your launch the more you are going to sell.
  • You must close your window for selling your item when you promised to, and you can then begin to create a waitlist which builds anticipation for the relaunch or reopening of your product or service.


“Scarcity or fear of missing out create urgency.”

“You must have the hunger before you open.”

“The shut is linked to the open, without the shut you don’t get the mass influx in the open.”



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