Caffeine Cast: My FIRST Therapy Session Since the Virus | it’s a BIG ONE!


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What can therapy do for you? Rob reflects on his most recent therapy session where he focuses on the importance of materialistic items and how this has changed throughout the years as well as looking at ways to deal with inevitable conflict and how to survive through the current pandemic.


  • Attaches happiness to materialistic items such as watches, cars and music stations because when he was younger he received gifts along with spending time with his parents.
  • Materialistic things do not matter in the long run. Cash and liquidity is king in the current climate. Many people buy materialistic things for the rush when buying them, but the comedown still comes.
  • Another benefit of the current climate is being much more connected to people, such as friends, family, and clients.
  • Before the recent pandemic, there was so much focus on insignificant things, that no longer seem relevant. Many of us were sweating the small stuff, but now is the time to focus on the bigger things in life.
  • The Coronavirus and its effect on the world can cause people to rise to the occasion. People are more productive, working faster and harder and able to build greater connections.
  • With the Coronavirus pandemic, there has been much more conflict in the world. With too much conflict you create chaos, however, with enough conflict, you delay but inevitably still end up with chaos.
  • Many people will avoid conflict, but at some point, you will have to face it so it is better to do so sooner rather than later.
  • Leaving unresolved conflict, may cause you to stew and overthink things and you will eventually project your unresolved emotions onto someone who may not deserve it, and you will end up having a meltdown. Both extremes are bad.
  • Conflict doesn’t always mean arguments; it could simply be giving feedback, instructions or reprimanding someone. It is important when addressing conflict to know when to address it and to know when to back away.
  • Hustle through these times and do what you can, sell your products and services to the best of your ability and fight to keep your head above water. However, make sure you do see your family and those who are important to you as well as taking some time for yourself.
  • Human beings have to look after themselves, support each other and small businesses more, however giving to other people is valuable and much more fulfilling.


“You know who has your back now, who supports you”

“Are you seeing the upside in these difficult times?”

“There’s the weak me and the stronger me”



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