Emergency: 10 Vital Business Lessons From The VIRUS so Far


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Welcome to The Disruptive Entrepreneur Podcast!

On today’s episode, Rob will discuss his 10 vital business lessons to learn from the impact of coronavirus. Not only will these help you get through these tough times now, but they will outlast the virus and see you far into the future. There is so much to learn and a lot of businesses can take away from these current events- learn now or fail.


  • Have to be ready and prepared for what you cant prepare for- because no one on the planet planned for a global pandemic. You need a crisis plan with b,c,d,e and F! And create it really quickly. Be ready even when you are not ready.
  • Be agile enough to pivot your business model at a moments notice- Kodak, blockbuster all did not survive dramatic changes in the market and trends.
  • When you think you know a lot, you know nothing at all- even with 15 years of experience in events and marketing, mother nature humbles you. The ability to be humble, to become a student again, to learn fast, to assume nothing, to be quick.

  • In times of struggle, you see loyalty from both sides- now is the time to show loyalty to who matters most to you. Not just receiving, but giving loyalty too. We get a chance to offer even more value
  • You have to be quicker!- right now you have to decide fast and act fast. Decide today, act today. There is no time to mess around with. Work in days and weeks, not months.
  • Don't wait for a disaster!- Don’t wait for the worst to happen to get committed and focused. You have it all in you, you just have to use it.
  • Don't sweat the small stuff- they just don’t matter right now. Not opinions, not arguments, but your health, family and loyalty.


  • “Evolution is almost like revolution”

  • “Be lean, not bloated”
  • “In times of struggle, you see loyalty from both sides”



Rob Moore is a 5x best-selling author, a public speaker, an entrepreneur, property investor and a Guinness World record holder among others. He is the co-founder of the Progressive Property and the mastermind of ‘The Disruptive Entrepreneur’ and ‘Money’ podcasts.


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