EMERGENCY: Now is NOT the Time to Reflect!


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Though the situation asks us to self-quarantine and stay put in our own homes, now is NOT the time to rest. For Rob, it’s still hustle and grind. Plainly his choice. But if you can do it too, he thinks you’ll make a big change in your business and career once we get out of this crisis.

What Rob sees as problematic: people see this as a chance to slack off—by allotting much more time than usual to resting. Not all people will agree, but try to hear him out. Tune into the latest episode of The Disruptive Entrepreneur Podcast to know more about what you can do during this time.


  • Rob sees an opportunity to all of this. We can do our part as citizens—stay informed, follow the protocols, and help other people—whilst also bettering ourselves. There is definitely no pause in personal improvement.
  • Entrepreneurs, you can have your time to reflect too—even if you grind & hustle during your isolation. This global health crisis brings anxiety and fears to most, so peace of mind will be needed.
  • Maintain your momentum. You can find alternatives, even you’re at home. You can even consider this time to start your long overdue projects. Now’s the time.
  • The world needs people right now, those who think and move with a cause. It’s the best time to put your skills and knowledge to good use. There are problems to be solved. You can help other people through your services.


  • “I’m not all about hustle and grind.”
  • “When you’ve got a day of just nothing, a blackhole, with no structure or routine, it’s quite easy to just bounce around like an atom in an open space.”
  • “Being busy is a really good distraction from going to a depressive state.”



Rob Moore is a 5x best-selling author, a public speaker, an entrepreneur, property investor and a Guinness World record holder among others. He is the co-founder of the Progressive Property and the mastermind of ‘The Disruptive Entrepreneur’ and ‘Money’ podcasts.


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