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Rob is joined by entrepreneur, mentor and podcaster Spencer Lodge, recently voted as one of the most influential people in Dubai, UAE. Together, Rob and Spencer discuss how people continually judge others based on their social media profiles and the detriments this can cause, the importance of therapy and how talking to someone with no outside agenda can benefit your mindset and help you overcome your unresolved issues.


  • One thing that is pervasive on social media is that everybody is judging everybody. Social media users judge influencers or fellow users based on their content and how they perceive it. Judge someone when you have met them and spent a few hours on them, don’t judge someone from afar.
  • We all have unresolved issues. If you care too much about what people think this may make you weak, vulnerable and needy, on the contrary, if you don’t care at all what people think of you that could make you a dictator, cold and uncompassionate. Asking for help and seeking advice from therapists can help you figure out who you are and why you are the way that you are.
  • People really do struggle when there are three areas of their life that have all gone wrong. If you are struggling in the three areas, focus on one area of your life to ‘fix’, which may relieve some of your stress and problems and allow you to focus on improving or resolving the other two areas of your life you deem to be ‘failing.’
  • When it comes to therapy, men, in particular, resist therapy more than they should. It doesn’t matter how severe your problems maybe, you just need to find someone outside of your environment that can hear you and be objective about anything that they give back.
  • Being bullied or receiving hate can motivate you to become successful and you may compare yourself and your success to that of your bullies’. On the one hand, it is really motivating to prove people wrong. However, on the other hand, it is a bit of a vacuous pursuit. You are who you and your life is your own and there may be some emptiness in continually hitting checkpoints of success to prove people wrong.


“People who judge people for their religion and not for who they are as a person I think they are missing who the person actually is.”

“If we all didn’t judge someone until we spent a few hours with them, I think the world would be a much better place.”

“My lowest times have been where I can’t add value.”




Rob Moore is an author of 9 business books, 5 UK bestsellers, holds 3 world records for public speaking, entrepreneur, property investor, and property educator. Author of the global bestseller “Life Leverage” Host of UK’s No.1 business podcast “The Disruptive Entrepreneur”

“If you don't risk anything, you risk everything”


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About The Guest

Spencer Lodge is the Co-founder and Chairman of The Blue Sky Thinking Group, now valued at over 100 million dollars and has recently been voted as one of the Top 100 Most Influential People in Dubai. With over 25 years’ experience, he’s personally trained thousands of people during his career and has helped build some of the largest and most successful direct sales forces, delivering expert results for his clients. After dedicating his career to building businesses and training employees to achieve their full potential, Spencer decided it was time to spread his wealth of knowledge internationally, and the Make It Happen University was born. Through this online platform, Spencer shares his secrets to success and gives anyone who needs to create revenue including entrepreneurs and professional salespeople every tool they need to succeed.


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