What’s HOT Right Now on Lockdown


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During the lockdown, many people have been given the gift of time, it’s an opportunity to learn, grow and develop your skills and today, Rob shares with you ‘what’s hot right now’ and how you can maximise the opportunity of lockdown with online courses, e-Commerce businesses, social media, podcasting and masterminds. If you’re looking to expand your skill set, mindset and grow a profitable business during the extra time spend at home, this episode is for you.


  • E-commerce is booming at the moment. It is important to not go into this blindly and not to do the “grabby” e-commerce such as toilet paper which does not have longevity.
  • Online courses, events and masterminds are thriving during the lockdown. You could offer these courses for free, and your product could thrive off the back of it, yourself as an entrepreneur can make use of these online services, you are likely to have more spare time, therefore, there is greater opportunity to double down on your learning and grow your online support.
  • Social media is uplifting during the lockdown, consumers are more active on social media and therefore you are able to get more reach with your content, gain followers, prospects and clients.
  • Another great opportunity during the lockdown is podcasting, you have an abundance of time, if you record just one a day during the predicted 90-day lockdown, you could produce almost 2 years worth of content for weekly podcast
  • It is really important to have a routine during the lockdown. When you have a routine, you have direction and accountability.
  • If you are more ruthless about your time and productivity, you can get everything done in three hours as opposed to the eight hours you would have before if you cut out all the distractions.


“How long is it going to be until life gets back to some sort of normality”

“There are all these opportunities right now”

“Don’t waste the time that we have now”




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“If you don't risk anything, you risk everything”


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