Ben's Story of the Day - Eye Glue, AWOL Students & Florida's Scohol Zone


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Today's edition of Ben's Story of the Day features:

1) Fell asleep with your contacts in? Woke up with some dry eyes? You might want to double check you're grabbing your eye drops and not the suspiciously similar bottle of nail glue... be a shame if a second person glued their eyes shut.

2) Police in Harrisburg, Illinois are arresting parents if their kids skip school. But what do you do when you've elected the remote learning option and they still show up?

3) Schools exist solely to further the education of the attending students and in Florida, they paint on the road where school zones are so drivers know. It looks like this line painter didn't do so great in school because the word 'school' was spelled wrong on the road! On the bright side, Florida might very well have the world's first schohol zone now.

Which one will be crowned Ben's Story of the Day? Which one is your story of the day?

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