Bonus - Scott Newark on the Maple Leaf Gardens sexual predator, Gordon Stuckless


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Gordon Stuckless, the Maple Leaf Gardens sexual predator is out of jail just months after the convicted serial sexual abuser of young boys had his prison sentence increased by the Ontario Superior Court and was slated to spend almost a decade in prison for his crimes which took place over three decades. How does this happen? The Trudeau government no longer is focused on eliminating mandatory minimum sentencing..and Global News last year found out nearly 800 criminal cases have been thrown out after a Supreme Court deadline of 18 months for provincial court trials and 30 months for superior court trials were not met.
and: Omar Khadr loses a court appeal in the United States.
Guest: Scott Newark. Fmr Alberta prosecutor, fmr exec dir, Canadian Police Association and past-president of the Ontario Office for Victims of Crime.

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