Coronavirus Has a New, Less 'Racist' Name | Guest: Steve Deace | 2/12/20


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The New Hampshire Democratic primary results are in, and cranky old socialist Bernie Sanders won! However, BlazeTV’s Steve Deace reminds us that a socialist revolution is NOT happening in our streets. “Moderates” Pete Buttigieg and Amy Klobuchar weren’t far behind, and Deval Patrick and Andrew Yang suspended their campaigns. But how far can Amy’s “Klo-mentum” take her? A new Gallup poll found that socialism and atheism are still big turnoffs for American voters. And we finally have some good news on the coronavirus! It has a new, apparently less racist, name: “Covid 19.” However, new reports suggest it spreads through eye contact, can live for nine days on surfaces, and could be a “greater global threat than terrorism.”

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