25. Rowing Questions – Part 2


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A very special rowing episode, in which Mike and I answer 8 questions submitted by listeners. These are some of our favorite sessions. It’s a lengthy episode, and here is what we tackled:

Podcasts question for this episode

  1. What do you think about making rigging adjustments and not telling the rowers?
  2. How much do you talk to your athletes/gather their feedback about rigging changes?
  3. As your crew gets stronger throughout the spring season, do you recommend any rigging adjustments (lengthening oars, decreasing spread, etc.)? If so, how to you test that the changes are making your crew faster?
  4. Do you ever change your rig right before races where you would race it untested? For weather or other outside factors.
  5. Is it too early in the season to start rigging around individual rowers? Should we keep our rigs generic at this time of the year?
  6. What amount of technology do you recommend using when determining lineups and boat speed?
  7. What are some tools you ve used to help athletes understand their contribution to the overall boat speed in an 8+ after being able to see their individual effort throughout the winter?
  8. As you get into racing season, how much do you script your race w/up and practice it during the week before racing? Do you keep it the same all season long?

Helpful rigging resources:

  1. Nuts and Bolts Guide to Rigging, by yours truly
  2. Concept2 basic rigging concepts
  3. MaxRigging.com
  4. FISA Coaching Handbook

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