26. Rowing Questions Part 3


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Once again Mike and I (another Mike) are back at it, answer specific rowing questions. Over 40 minutes of speed, rigging, and tactics talks (including Johnny Cash discussion!!).

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(I seem to have picked up a slight background ticking noise in parts of this recording. If the Audacity wizards can help, I’ll upload a cleaner version. I just wanted you to know that it’s not you … it’s me.)

Here are the questions we tackle this month:

Podcast questions for this episode

  1. How much do you script your race warm up? Do you practice it daily in the lead up to the race?
  2. Should race planning be athlete led or coach led?
  3. What is your favorite pre-race pump up song?(as a coach-not athlete)
  4. As you start competing against other crews, you get a sense of how much speed you need to gain (for example, you may need to up your base pace by 1 second/500m). What is one or some of your favorite on water workouts to give your crew the confidence of gaining speed over the competitive season?
  5. How much do you talk to your crews about the opposition?
  6. How much should you use a speed coach during a race?
  7. What is important to talk to your athletes about pre race- or not talk about at all?
  8. What is your pre race ritual as a coach? Night before ritual? Is any beer type more lucky than the other?
  9. Is there benefit to switching oar types, or length of oars, right before a championship race? In the Men’s Youth 8+ at Youth Nationals last spring, there were two teams in particular that did this. In the week before the regatta, one switched oar types and one shortened the overall length of their oars, both medaled.

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