Episode 138: 2-D Blacktop


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The feast is served. Choose whatever two-dimensional foods you like. Crêpes, flatbread, McDonald's hamburgers. You get the idea. Listen in as Luke and Gabe discuss Futurama Season 10, Episode 1: 2-D Blacktop.

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Episode Synopsis: After Planet Express ship is scrapped, professor saves it from the junkyard and rebuilds it into a super racer. But an accident during a race sends the ship into a two-dimensional universe.

On this show:

  • Gabe and Luke debate whether structure is important in the episode or humor carries the day
  • Luke lists which Fast & Furious movies he’s seen, and the level of satire the writers used here
  • Gabe discusses how this episode breaks the story circle
  • Gabe and Luke both converge on the same Demolition Man reference from this episode
  • Gabe does his amazing impressions of the street racer’s dark backstory

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