#10MinuteTalk - Worst Stories Flying With Guns and Ammo


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Thus far, Reuben and Adam have talked about flying with guns and ammo in two 10 minute talks. What they haven’t covered, however, is that when you travel as much as they do, you’re bound to eventually make a mistake or encounter an awkward/shocking situation. Adam tells the story about when his lateness, a last-minute gamble and lack of planning with his NFA items almost made him miss an important flight and Reuben talks about the time his 2011 wound up skidding across the floor at an airport baggage claim. Truly spine-tingling stuff! Learn from their experiences so the same things don’t happen to you. Disclaimer – we are not lawyers, nor are we always going to be perfect in our interpretation or verbiage behind every federal law, state law, or in this case, individual airline regulation. You should always do your own research about your own situation at the given time given the complexity and changing nature of these things. Vortex and the hosts/guests of this podcast are not responsible for the actions of our viewers and listeners.

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