Truck parking: Where do we stand?


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LLN (3/5/21) – Today is the anniversary of Jason Rivenburg’s murder. The trucker’s death during a robbery – due in part to the lack of safe available parking where he was – helped spark the national movement to fix the truck parking crisis. So where does the effort stand? We’ll have an update. Also, from a governor who treats trucks like rolling piggy banks to a trucker who stepped up to help others during an icy pileup, we’ll tell you who in recent news has been good and who’s been bad with some Roses and Razzberries. And Jon Osburn still hasn’t found that yellow rose, but he’s soon heading out of Texas and into Cajun country. And like the food there, the issues on truckers’ minds are pretty hot – including fuel prices, rates and getting the COVID-19 vaccine.

0:00 – Newscast.

10:15 – Roses and Razzberries.

25:09 – The talk among truckers in Texas.

39:31 – Truck parking update.

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