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In our lifetime, Higher Education has not seen the kind of global shock to its system that emerged over a two-month period. We anticipated a systematic and orderly shift in the next few years to address the rising cost of education, changing demographics, and a growing adult population choosing to come back to further their education. Those institutions that had already invested in a new kind of education now find themselves in a position to accelerate. Georgia Institute of Technology is one of those institutions.

Today on Navigating Change we have Dr. Nelson Baker, who serves as Dean of Professional Education for Georgia Tech. His group oversees the delivery of Georgia Tech's extensive catalog of world-class credit and non-credit education programs for over 40,000 learners and 2,600 organizations worldwide each year. Our conversation with Dr. Baker revolves around his experience overseeing this expansive arm of Professional Education and what that experience can teach us as we turn toward rebuilding in the COVID era.

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