Bruno Hates YAML-Microsoft Loves Java


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An conversation with Bruno Borges (@brunoborges) about:
YAML is a great technology to see whitespaces, JSON to YAML conversion, merging YAML is painful, CSV is also great for reading, servers vs runtimes, Microsoft acquired JClarity, Microsoft sponsors project since 2018, a new Java Engineering Group was formed at Microsoft, Microsoft contributed patches to openJDK project, Microsoft has thousands of Java develoepers, Minecraft Java Edition allows modifications, Microsoft releases GPU optimized Java, linked-in's and Yammer's backends are implemented in Java, Azure Synapse is similar to Google's Big Query, Microsoft is going to release a double screen Android phone - Surface Duo, now you can deploy Java FX applications to Microsoft's hardware, Microsoft Azure Application Hosting Service with Azul JDK based on Zulu Community Edition, App Service comes with predefined Java images, App Service might be a use case to deploy uber JARs, App Service supports the separation of infrastructure and application code, Quarkus and Helidon are separating the runtime from the application code out-of-the-box, serverless deployment of Java code as Azure Functions is also supported, Java 11 is going to be supported on Azure Functions, Azure Container Instances is Docker without Orchestration, Azure Kubernetes Service - full experience with YAML included, JVM is monitored in Azure Kubernetes and Azure Container Instances out-of-the-box, a Java agent is injected which enables monitoring, MicroProfile on Azure, MicroProfile Config with Azure Key Vault, secret injection and JWT authentication are important use cases, opentelemetry merges integrates tracing and metrics:, JAX-RS monitoring, business monitoring with MicroProfile metrics, pulling metrics from database instead of pulling from the service, avoiding wasteful metrics, Quarkus saves RAM, garbage collection and metrics, Microsoft employs the most Java Champions?, Visual Studio Live Share, managing multiple JDKs: article on medium,,

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