What is the Direction of Quarkus?


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An airhacks.fm conversation with John Clingan (@jclingan) about:
Redhat Summit Virtual Experience, Redhat Runtimes Quarkus Support, Senior Principal Manager of Next Generation Platforms, like Quarkus, MicroProfile is a major task, the MicroProfile IP flow, the formal stuff for a working group at Eclipse Foundation, tracking the MicroProfile progress: https://github.com/eclipse/microprofile/issues, the working group draft - what does it mean to be a MicroProfile working group, the MicroProfile politics, the goal of MicroProfile was to build specifications for development of microservices, MicroProfile began as crippled Jakarta EE, MicroProfile extends right now Jakarta EE with added value, fixing potential MicroProfile incompatibilities is less problematic and takes less energy to fix, Jakarta EE is a collection of specifications with a platform spec on top, helidon and quarkus are moving faster, because they are new, quarkus and helidon follow opposite philosophies, Quarkus Panache is proprietary but useful, Quarkus comes with 220 extensions, a half is camel related, Quarkus Vodafone Greece session at Red Hat Summit, Quarkus extension enable the integration of external configuration to configuration subsystem of quarkus, parsing XML at build time to save resources at runtime, Quarkus supports YAML - but keep it secret, Bruno Borges loves yaml, MicroProfile config is fully supported by Quarkus, Quarkus configuration is more than MicroProfile config, Quarkus Summit sessions, RedHat is a bottom-up organization, Quarkus is an integration point of various teams like e.g. Jakarta EE, MicroProfile, Vert.x, Camel, all Quarkus extensions have to run in dev mode and be compilable into GraalVM native mode, Quarkus is also driven by community feedback, with Quarkus you can get the niceness of Jakarta EE again, from 12 replicas to 2-4 replicas to serve the same traffic, startup time and memory utilization matter a lot in the context of kubernetes, the costs of running microservices in the clouds, for every microservice in production you get seven instances in staging environments, with quarkus you can build the perfect monolith, most of customers are building microliths, the microprofile hangouts,

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