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The Camborne School of Mines (fondly known as CSM) is one of the oldest mining schools in the world. Unfortunately the school may shut, with the University of Exeter cutting funding to the school. It’s a sad day for mining globally as we see the lifeline to one of the greatest (if not the greatest) mining schools cut.

Here is Mike Moore, past president of the CSM Alumni and MD of Golden State Mining to talk about his experiences at CSM, and why it’s so important that we all get behind any move to try and save CSM.

[0:30] Mike Moore’s family history. Life as a 4th generation miner. Mikes Great-great-great grandfather purchased a limestone quarry.

[1:30] Mikes father got work experience at a tin mine in Cornwall and subsequently studied at CSM.

[1:50] The Turks invade. The range rover. The motorbike.

[3:00] No one in school had a dad that was a mining engineer. A mining education is limitless in terms of where you can end up.

[4:50] Life for CSM graduates. In the 60s and 70s grads went to Africa. Early 80s a lot of graduates went up to the oil-fields, and then in the late 80s a lot went into the Channel Tunnel. In the late 90s a lot went to Hong Kong and Singapore and that group is now in Sydney and Melbourne putting in the tunnels there.

[5:50] Any towns newspaper had 10-15 pages of job adverts and 10 of those were mining jobs.

[7:00] Australia as a favoured destination for CSM graduates now. Mike recommends getting to Perth as a start and then moving to Kalgoorlie if you can to get exposure and a start in the industry.

[8:00] A global strategy for attracting people to the mining industry.

[9:00] New blood and their importance to the industry. We need to support CSM and WASM.

[9:15] Are there opportunities for graduates in mining after COVID-19?

[9:35] Our industry is adaptable. We’re well placed to adapt to the situations in front of us. Just look at how we have handled COVID. WE react very well to these challenges.

[10:15] This is the time to be bringing graduates on board so they are well placed to excel when we are in the boom. When you take a punt on these guys, you are often rewarded for it.

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