Bonus Track - Wonderful World - Aaron Paul from Worlds Apart interview featuring Montgomery Frazier


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What do you do when a former boybander slides into your DMs? Well, if said boybander is original Worlds Apart frontman Aaron Paul then what you do is hook up with him on a transatlantic call for a catch up on what he's been up to in the 25 (ish) years since you last saw him.

Join boybandologists Amy and Zoe with Aaron and The Image Guru, Montgomery Frazier, the former Fashion Director at MTV, who features with Aaron on his new song Dance America #RiseUP.

Dishing the dirt on being discovered by Simon Cowell, life in a boyband, all the behind-the-scenes reality, and what happens to your friendships and your future when you quit a boyband to pursue your own dreams.

You can watch the video for #DANCEAmericaRiseUP on Youtube:

You can find Aaron and Montgomery on social media at:,,,

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