Ep. 40 - Living Intentionally: Make More By Working Less with Business Coach Cailen Asher


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In today's episode, we’re diving into business a little bit! Now before you decide to skip out - no doubt assuming that I’m going to bore you with entrepenauoral tips, please give it a fighting chance - because the woman is gold.

Cailen Ascher is a sought after mindset business coach who has a magical power that she so graciously shares with the rest of the world: she only works 3 days a week, sticks to her boundaries, and is making more money than she ever has in her career. 3 days a week means she gets to spend 4 days a week devoted to her family, her friends, her passions.

4 days a week to rest her mind, and work intentionally when those 3 days arise.

4 days a week to live.

Now even coming from someone who loves both of her jobs (talking about me here.. this podcast and the blog, and my photography business), I know Cailen feels the same about her job, it doesn’t define me. The people I love and how I spend my free time — those are the golden nuggets. Those are the things we’re going to reflect on when we’re 90 years old and replaying the tapes of our lives.

We were not born to work, we were born to live. And that is such an important distinction.

I know the thought of working 3 days a week to most of you probably feels.. ridiculous, maybe even a little lazy (I’ve been called this many a time when operating under the 3 day work week method) — but I can guarantee you that the work I’m doing, the work that Cailen is doing during those 3 days? It’s intentional. It’s impactful. It’s on purpose. It’s not “busy work” — it’s intention work.

I encourage each and every one of you, even those of you who work a 9-5 corporate job to tune in to this episode with Cailen. It’s enlightening, refreshing, and inspiring to say the least. Even if you don’t end up giving the 3 day work week a try, there is no doubt in my mind that you’ll walk away with some bits of inspiration.

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