23. New York Is A Big Apple with Alison S.M. Kobayashi


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Sam Clements is curating a fictional film festival. He'll accept almost anything, but the movie must not be longer than 90 minutes. This is the 90 Minutes Or Less Film Fest podcast.

In episode 23 Sam is joined by Alison S.M. Kobayashi, Director of Special Projects at Union Docs in Brooklyn, as well as creator and star of hit New York theatre production Say Something Bunny!

Alison has chosen Will Martin and André Valentim Almeida’s New York Is A Big Apple, an experimental essay film created from found images and appropriated audio. The piece explores the complex and contradictory role of the ‘author’ in the construction of society and its artifacts. The film was produced by Union Docs in 2010 as part of a season of collaborative projects.

Alison and Sam talk about the origin of Say Something Bunny!, the rich experience of watching short work on a big screen, and the mystery of some of the footage used in New York Is A Big Apple.

You can watch the film on the Union Docs Living Los Sures website.

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