#20 Why You Should Visualise Your Life Having All The Money You Want


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In today‘s episode I’d like to do something a bit different and walk you through a visualisation exercise to imagine how your life will look like when you have achieved the financial goals that you’ve set to yourself and the impact on the other areas of your life.

You’ve probably heard that many lottery winners go broke only a few years after they won millions…

The reason why they lose it all have less to do with money than the psychology and the lack of preparation to handle this event both at an emotional level and at a practical level.

If it were you, if you win 100 million dollars today, how will ensure you stay level-headed, think clearly and stick to your values?

As you are thinking about the money that you need to accomplish your goals, I’d like to invite you to do a reality check now, take a holistic view and consider all the elements in your life that will be impacted once you start bringing in more income.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • Why it is absolutely important to do this visualisation exercise
  • How to visualise your desired life in detail as I walk you through the exercise
  • How to incorporate the results of the visualisation into an action plan for the short and long term

The pdf of this exercise is available to download in the show notes of the episode 20

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