#42 You Can’t Put Your Life on Hold with Louise Mosley


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In today’s episode, I am featuring the Accumulator profile, the 6th of the 8 Wealth Dynamics profiles. I have the pleasure to feature Louise Mosley who helps corporate escapees grow their business by reconnecting with their WHY and using their unique skills and talents.

Passionate about scuba diving, she helps people to be neutrally buoyant i.e. to find the most efficient way to enjoy what they do effortlessly and stay in flow.

Whilst on a scuba diving holiday, Louise met her partner Neil and the pair decided to leave the UK to Honduras. She quitted a well-paid job working for pharmaceutical companies in sales and marketing to get to the Caribbean island with no job with a few weeks of accommodation.

Being in a different environment, a different culture, with a different language and with people with a different outlook on life, she learnt more than what she’s learnt in her previous 13 years of training.

Listen to the episode 42 of Meaningful Work, Meaningful Life podcast to find out how Louise and Neil continued their exploration to Indonesia, Philippines and now to Croatia where they are renovating a ruin into a boutique bed and breakfast. You’ll also find out how she struggled with self-promotion, how understanding her Wealth dynamics profile as Accumulator helps her to stay in flow and her tips to stay positive with a turtle with a bobbing head.

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