#43 Are You Living Someone Else’s Dream with Nancy Lee Ma


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Are you struggling to make more money or to keep it? My guest in today’s episode 43 of Meaningful Work Meaningful Life podcast, Nancy Lee Ma, CPA, CEO & Founder of Crystal Clear Profits is a Lord profile, the 7th of the 8 Wealth Dynamics profiles. She teaches small business owners and entrepreneurs how to make more money, keep it, and grow it so they never have to worry about not having enough again.

In our conversation, you will find out how Nancy organises her days to hit her multiple deadlines and why she thinks that time management is critical when you're an entrepreneur to balance your time between doing the work and going out to get new business.

She also shares how she moved away from pure cold accounting to integrate energy and coaching in her work with clients and how as a kid, she dreamt of becoming a philanthropist.

Discovering and understanding her Lord profile was a dramatic revelation and relief as she can now appreciate the gifts and qualities she possesses and why she struggled with certain things like writing. “I don't have to compare myself to other people, any longer,” she says.

Going through a divorce and caring for an ill dad after her mum passed away were some though moments which also came with great self-understanding.

Listen to the episode to find out this honest and sincere conversation and why Nancy is so passionate to eliminate poverty in the world.

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