#45 There Is a Lesson in Our Pain with Gregory Copploe


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My guest in today’s episode 45 of Meaningful Work Meaningful Life podcast, Gregory Copploe, is a Poet, Author, Artist and Transformative Life Coach. His goal is simple: to help you re-imagine your life.

His book, The Art of Being Whole centres around brokenness and the beauty and gift we receive in that vulnerable, uncomfortable state of being.

In our conversation, Gregory talks about the time when he felt his soul was being depleted, he felt empty, sad and depressed. He knew there was something greater that he was supposed to do but was afraid to do anything until he reached that bottom point where there was nothing more to lose.

He started to search for what he wanted in life but was afraid he wouldn't be able to make as much money as in his high-flying job! So, to show the universe he was serious on his search he made radical decisions.

Listen to this raw and soulful episode to find out why Gregory is passionate about leading the awakening movement for himself and others.

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