#49 The Best of 2019 - Key Highlights of the Most Downloaded Episodes 


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Happy New Year 2020. I wish you a year full of happiness, joy and success. In today’s show, I’d like to bring you the best of 2019 and especially the top 7 episodes that have made to the top of 2019 chart and saw the most downloads.

These highlights are short clips of the full episodes that you can listen again. All of the selected extracts contain a crucial message to have your best year ever as you are starting this brand-new decade with renewed goals, aspirations and desire that you want to accomplish.

Top 7 Most Downloaded Episodes of Meaningful Work, Meaningful Life Podcast in 2019

#23 A Digital Platform to Change the Identity of a Nation Through Storytelling with Hodan Nalayeh

#24 The Power of Your Story to Influence and Impact Others with Celinne Da Costa

#25 Changing The Perception of Science and Engineering With Roma Agrawal

#27 Creating a Better Future Through More Wisdom with Dr Bruce Lloyd

# 35 The Law of Intention with Naomi Sesay

#38 You Can Choose Again with Catherine Ord

#39 Do What You Love That People Value with Michelle Clarke

I hope you liked the selection of the top downloaded episodes of 2019. Go back to listen to the full episodes which have so much more wisdom, inspiration and practical action steps.

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