#58 Uncover the Hidden Secrets Behind Online Mega Launches with Tom Morkes


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Have you ever wondered what really goes behind mega online launches and why yours don’t get the same results?

In today's episode 58 of Meaningful Work, Meaningful Life podcast, I have the great pleasure to discuss with Tom Morkes, one of the brilliant minds behind some of the most successful and profitable marketing and sales campaigns in the past decade. Tom has helped more than 100 brands and businesses grow their traffic, leads, and sales using his Launch to Profit Methodology.

Some of the campaigns he managed include a record-setting Kickstarter campaign that generated almost half a million US dollars in 33 days. He also ran book launches that have landed his authors on the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and USA Today bestseller lists and much more.

Tom is also a past mentor of mine who encouraged me to start this podcast back in 2018. In this value-packed conversation, we discuss:

  • The importance of playing the long game in a world of immediate gratification
  • Some of the common myths that people believe about online marketing
  • Why it's unwise to compare our results to other influencers and the real truth behind influencer marketing
  • How to be savvy with social media to benefit you rather than becoming a distraction
  • How he joined the US Army and finally left the military career to become a marketer
  • What he learnt from running successful campaigns and the critical success factors
  • His journey experimenting and travelling the world before he found success
  • The power of small beginnings and just getting the ball rolling and be useful to someone
  • The two questions you should be thinking about to serve clients with integrity
  • Why he believes that any connected device should come with a warning
  • The 2 significant benefits of launches versus just doing ongoing promotions
  • Why he is passionate to lead the self-directed movement
  • And much more

If you are ready to position yourself for success in this fast-moving world, have more meaning, more money and lead a movement to change the world, book a call with me to discuss your objectives at www.francinebeleyi.com/call

Listen to this value-packed conversation to understand the secrets of online marketing and how to focus on what will make you successful.

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