#60 What You See and Perceive Can Change the World with Janie Duquette


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Have you ever felt strongly about an idea or an opinion but failed to share your vision with the world?

In today's episode 60 of Meaningful Work, Meaningful Life podcast, I am welcoming Janie Duquette, a former lawyer, ex artist manager and now the founder of the Academy of Women's Power. She is also a Gender Equity expert, author and speaker and the founder of Group Alma ma terre, a group of business ventures and projects that aim to support and develop feminine leadership and empower women.

In this enlightened conversation, Janie explains why sharing our feeling, and our perspective is the most powerful thing we can do. She also shares:

  • How early struggles in life helped her to overcome her obstacles as a young female executive and as an entrepreneur
  • How her hardship inspired her to reach out to other women to encourage each other and later turn her insights into a book
  • Why she is passionate about helping women doing more business rather than offering service for free and why they need to learn to ask for money
  • How she leverages partnerships to run her different businesses
  • How she leverages online to support more women in corporate and impact in their lives

Janie is passionate about supporting women in diversity and turning women into rock stars.

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