#61 Step into Your Power with Isabelle Methot 


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Have you ever realised that what you've struggled with the most in life is what you need to break through to fulfil your destiny?

In today's episode 61 of Meaningful Work, Meaningful Life podcast, I am welcoming Isabelle Methot, CEO and founder of Ellipse. She helps francophone entrepreneurs, executives and leaders to break language barriers with the competency and confidence required.

In this conversation, Isabelle explains how what she struggled with the most in life is the exact same skill she is helping her students with now. She also shares:

  • The power of microlearning and consistency to achieve our goals and the two key strategies to accomplish anything
  • Why progress is preferable to perfection and the hacks she uses to help students to keep motivated
  • How after reaching an incredibly low point after a divorce and four kids, she decided to start her entrepreneurial journey.
  • How she leverages the online platform to run her business in a flexible way
  • She also explains the process and strategies she had to go through to be able to charge for what she's worth
  • Why she had to give up her childhood dream of becoming an athlete and accidentally became a teacher

Isabelle is passionate about girl power recognising that women have a lot to bring to the table, and staying in the shadow isn't going to help anybody.

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